DREAM SLEEP uses gentle sound waves that lul you to a restful, deep delta Sleep. This journey creates the natural sleep patterns and trains your mind and body naturally back to it's normal state.

JUST RELAX is for anytime you simply want to  take a relaxing few minutes to regenerate.

7 CHAKRAS slowly and gently moves through all seven Chakras using perfect sound frequencies  that synchronize and bringing coherence to your out of balance  energy centers or Chakras

FIRST LIGHT is your gentle wake up journey. start on your first alarm ring and let the slo theta waves bring you to a state of being that lets you start your day with peace and awareness.

PEACE OF MIND helps your mind achieve the ellusive "meditative state" where the ultimate Mind and body  cohesiveness occurs. This is the state where monks have been known to heal physiological dis-ease.

All Sleepwave journeys are programmed for your player and delivered on an individual SD card.


The darker the better

Light prohibits normal melatonin production, a hormone that naturally promotes sleep. light can be detected even with your eyes closed,  so exstinguish light from  digital electronics including alarm clocks. a small piece of bleack tape works to hide the LED on/off light from a tv. Believe it or not even the small led light on your television  can penetrate your closed eyelids.

If street lamps or moonlight shines in from outside, consider installing heavy window shades or wearing a dark sleep mask.

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How to improve your Sleep Space

ENERGY is used to vibrationally  clear or smudge your invironment. Play all day for a beuatifl energetically CLEAN space when you arrive home.


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Keep your room cool

Your body temperature naturally drops as you drift into sleep, so cooling down your bedroom can jump start the process and make it easier to doze off. Most experts advise setting your thermostat 5° to 10° lower than your average daytime temperature.


Noise proof your room

Insulate against distracting sounds , ambulances, noisy neighbors, or barking dogs. adding a thick rug and heavy blinds or drapes might help buffer the undisirable noise.  . As your body transitions through different stages of sleep, unexpected noise may wake you during shallower cycles. Also sounds generated from fans and


Create a private calm space

After you've achieved these conditions, get rid of anything stimulating that distracts from the room's main purposes: sleep and sex. That means no treadmill, no television or computer, and no reminders of anything stressful. Adding personal mementos, calming color schemes, and soothing sights and sounds will also make your bedroom a more inviting place to rest and relax.