7 CHAKRAS slowly and gently moves through all seven Chakras using perfect sound frequencies  that synchronize and bringing coherence to your out of balance  energy centers or Chakras

FIRST LIGHT is your gentle wake up journey. start on your first alarm ring and let the slo theta waves bring you to a state of being that lets you start your day with peace and awareness.

PEACE OF MIND helps your mind achieve the ellusive "meditative state" where the ultimate Mind and body  cohesiveness occurs. This is the state where monks have been known to heal physiological dis-ease.

All Sleepwave journeys are  professionally programmed for your player and delivered on an individual SD card.




for your SleepWave Pad


ENERGY is used to vibrationally  clear or smudge your invironment. Play all day for a beuatifl energetically CLEAN space when you arrive home.


DREAM SLEEP uses gentle sound waves that lul you to a restful, deep delta Sleep. This journey creates the natural sleep patterns and tranes your mind and body naturally back to it's normal state.